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FEATURES: polyamide fabric (nylon) made of 210D yarn, both in weft and warp, PVC coated. Very good quality/price ratio, extremely versatile, weldable, silk-screen printable, water-proof.
This item is available in the widest range of colours, and it is always well-stocked.
Upon request, and only for a minimum order of 500 lm., we can supply this item with a soft PVC coating. Moreover, still upon request, we can also make it with anti-slip embossing, suitable as artificial leather for gym mat (for example).

(only for example)

this item is suitable for a lot of utilization. The most common ones are: sport, promotional, school and free-time bags; shopping trolleys; sheaths and cases; shields and flags, and such.
The soft kind is suitable for manufacturing water-proof jackets and trousers, and for working dresses.


Nylon 210
PVC coated
Orange 32

Cartella colori Nylon 210 Plastificato

Composition: 24% polyamide, 76% PVC
Weft: 18 yarns / cm²
Warp: 18 yarns / cm²
Weight: 120 g. / lm.
PVC coating weight: 380 g. / lm.
Total weight: 500 g. / lm. (h. 150 cm.)
Packaging: 60 lm. roll
STRESS TEST "UNI 4818 Parte 6-7-9 Metodo A"
(BS = breaking strength, BE = breaking elongation, TS = tear strength)
Weft: BS = 600 N / 5 cm. | BE = 32% | TS = 200 N
Warp: BS = 980 N / 5 cm. | BE = 44% | TS = 350 N

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