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PictureThe Gerosa Alessando & C. snc was constituted in 1985 by Alessandro Gerosa and Giuseppina Sirtori. They both came from a long experience in the field, begun in 1962. In 1993 Roberto Gerosa took over the company share of Alessandro Gerosa: consequently the company name changed, becoming the present one.
PictureWe produce PVC coated fabrics. That is, we spread a layer of PVC on nylon and polyester fabrics, which are then used for manufacturing (for example) sport, promotional, travel bags and such. The finished product is then packaged in rolls for the sale.
PictureSince 2001 we have build up the weaving department. We bought some looms to produce on our own polyester fabrics, using dyed yarns. In this way we are able to limit both colour differences between different lots, and dye defects. Furthermore, this allow us to reduce costs and to practice competitive prices, avoiding importation. Besides, as we follow the entire production process, we both can achieve a high quality standard and we can supply our customers with a "made in Italy" product.
Even if we are an handicraft family business we are well introduced in the field, and we can count customers both in national and foreign market.
PictureYou could rely on a good quality of the products, a well-stocked warehouse, and fast deliveries. Moreover, we give you the opportunity to carry out only the PVC spreading of your own fabrics. Finally, last but not least, you could also rely on the kindness and helpfulness of everybody of us.

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